Possible bug in PyGObject source_remove()


I ran into a problem where calling glib.source_remove(...) with the number 

that was returned from glib.timeout_add(...) causes the following error:

"OverflowError: signed integer is greater than maximum".

I did some testing and it seems that each time I call glib.timeout_add(...) I 

get a larger number. It seems that calling glib.source_remove(...) does not 

cause the source numbers to be freed up for re-use. This means that either the 

number is failing to wrap around at the correct time, or the numbers are 

failing to be re-used. If this is not the case, I see this as a very serious 

bug because it effectively limits the time that an application can run until 

the maximum size of the storage for the number is exceeded.

If the number does wrap around, then it is likely that add and remove have a 

different idea as to at which number the wrap is to occur, and this would be a 

bug for sure.

Python 2.7.3


glib.pyglib_version (2, 28, 6)

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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