Re: Working with GVariant in Python

I just added a patch to which overrides g_action_map_add_action_entries() that would make my bloatpad a bit closer to the original C version.

I'd like to know more, because I want that application menu for my app
but I haven't yet been able to figure out how to get the menu to show
up (when I add the gtkbuilder xml to my own, and then add the menu,
Gnome Shell loses the 'Quit' entry menu and just shows me a blank
menu. I can't seem to make the Bloatpad menu work for me at all).

If you set the app menu then the GNOME version of the app menu goes away--whether you added the actions to the app or not. If for any reason the actions don't get added to the application or they don't correspond to a matching name in the XML then the menu shows up empty. 

The app menu is actually working fine in that bloatpad link I posted (take a look at BloatPad.startup()).

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