Re: The best place for bug discussion?

Am 25.06.2012 01:18, schrieb Andrey Gursky:
> Dear Developers and List-Members,
> pygtk-users are encouraged to port code to the pygobject. I've
> discovered, that simple code segfaults, while there were no problems
> with pygtk. Then I filled the bug report
> with sources to
> reproduce the issue. There are still no comments from anyone.
> On the PyGObject page one can read:
> "Please file bug reports in Bugzilla for component "introspection". Thanks!"
> what I done. But now I've noticed, that the component "introspection"
> doesn't exist at all:
> So what must be the
> bug assigned to? And what should be done, to get out the bug I've
> mentioned from UNCONFIRMED?
> By the way, even if one already can supply a patch
>, the comments are
> missing. What could be the reason for this?

Hi Andrey,

thanks a lot for taking the time to improve pygobject.

Filing bugs in bugzilla is still the preferred way to let us know about
any issues. However, with the growing number if issues filed there it
may occasionally happen that we miss some bugs that were filed. This
doesn't mean we don't agree with the bug, we just did not have the time
to look at it in detail, yet.

If you feel that bugzilla is not enough you can also discuss things on
the mailing list (as you did) or on IRC.

Best regards,
Sebastian Pölsterl

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