Re: [pygtk] ANNOUNCE: PyGTK All-in-one Installer 2.22.6

On 19/01/2011 20:52, Tim Lebedkov wrote:
> am I right that files like
> are just overwritten with a newer version of the installer?

Correct. We do not (yet?) detect the presence of the separate pycairo,
pygobject, pygtk, pyrsvg, pygoocanvas and pygtksourceview2 packages.
Neither the .exe nor .msi installers. This rather unfortunate behavior
is documented in the README [1] in the "Migrating from
PyGTK+PyGObject+PyCairo packages" section.

I guess detecting the separate .exe installers could be done by checking
for either or both the "?-wininst.log"/"Remove?.exe" files in Python's
installation directory (this idea would need some serious testing though).
Detecting the separate .msi installers is a whole other matter: in this case
distutils' bdist_msi command does not create the "?-wininst.log" or
"Remove?.exe" files. Detection by windows installer product codes might
work for known previous releases but we simply can't predict every
future release that's going to be created. That and maintaining such a
table of product codes would be a maintenance nightmare...

Even if the aio installer would grow such a detection method, we cannot
provide the same for the inverse situation without seriously hacking
about with distutils' bdist_wininst and bdist_msi commands. So it is
equally possible to overwrite the aio installers' files by executing
on of the separate .exe or .msi installer...

> Would it be possible to leave the old installers at their place and
> put the new under other names?

Not really, the all-in-one installer repackages the content of the separate
.msi installers exactly as they are. That's the whole point of the aio
installer exercise, really (and was the tedious part to get right).

To clarify things, both 2.22.5 and 2.22.6 include the following
extension modules (replace the ? with 6 or 7):

It is however true that the -1 revision part of the version string
for pygtk and pygobject did not show in the "Custom Setup" page when
installing. I've fixed that in the build description file [2] and
the next version will be more clear about what package versions are
included in the UI.



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