NMClient g-i bindings unusable


Having found here that NMClient.RemoteSettings can't be instantiated,
I looked closer at the documentation which suggests that the dbus
connection is optional (it should default to the system bus).

This fixes it:

but I soon ran into similar problems with other classes such as NMClient.Client.

And after making those fixes, I ran into crashes in doing things like
NMClient.Client().get_devices() (this segfaults inside

Anyway, if there is time and interest at the GObject introspection BoF
this week, it would be really cool if an expert could sit down and
look at this. Just try and write a simple python app which uses
NMClient to:
 1. List devices
 2. List connections
 3. List available access points
 4. Activate a connection
and fix all crashes along the way.

API docs are here:
and the .typelib file seems to already be very complete (it just
crashes on seemingly every method call I make!).

This would really help Sugar, which needs to move to support NM-0.9.
Being able to use this library would really make Sugar's code a lot
simpler. Also, this is something we can take advantage of immediately:
as libnm-glib doesn't link against GTK+, we can start using
introspection on libnm-glib even though Sugar is still on pygtk.


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