Re: On having gtk-doc documentation enabled in a bindings release

Hi Adam,

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 14:10, Adam Plumb <adamplumb gmail com> wrote:
> hi all, I hope this is a correct place for this question.  I'm the
> maintainer for the nautilus-python bindings and have recently made a
> release that is gtk-doc enabled.  Meaning, when you add
> --enable-gtk-doc to configure/, it generates html
> documentation and installs it to the standard gtk-doc folder on your
> computer.
> I'd like to have gtk-doc enabled whenever I do an official release,
> but I can't seem to get it to work.  If I do:
> $ sh --enable-gtk-doc && make && make install && make distcheck
> then that generates the docs but doesn't install the html files into
> the tarball.

haven't tried that myself, If I had to debug it I would go to
docs/Makefile and see if there's anything different about installing
when compared to the one at pygtk.

That I know, the maintainers of pygobject/pygtk are not in this list.
You could try in but I
haven't had luck in the past with such questions.



> FYI, the only python bindings project I've seen that distributes its
> tarball with the html docs is pygobject (and maybe pygtk, not sure),
> and I can't figure out what they are doing that I'm not doing.  Should
> I change the command above somehow, or is it some setting in
> Here is the source code:
> Thanks,
> Adam
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