Re: PyGObject and introspection concerns (was Re: [pygtk] PyGTK 2.17 for Windows)

On 07/05/2010 03:22 PM, John Stowers wrote:

* People who wrote plugins for GEdit, Totem, or anyone copying that
    plugin implementation are now out in the cold. The upgrade path for
    such plugins is "rewrite them to use PyGI"

I'm not sure I understand exactly how those people are left out in the
cold, but there are several people in the IRC channel working on plugins
support for GEdit.

AIUI the python plugin loader for libpeas is PyGI based, which links to
gtk-3.0, which means there is no upgrade path for those plugins except
to port to PyGI (i.e. import gtk brings in gtk-2.0, only one runtime per
process allowed...)

This does not seem developer friendly to me.

The idea was to take profit of the gtk+ abi/api break to actually move on and make the application developers' life easier by using pygi instead of pygtk+.

I don't think it would be a service for application writer if they could use the old bindings, as it would mean that they would have to maintain them virtually forever, which is a hassle, especially since application developers tend to forget updating the bindings anyway...

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