moving some stuff from pygobject to pygtk

Hi all,

as you may know J5 is working on the Python3 port of PyGObject and he
has found that porting the gio static bindings is a lot of work and
somewhat useless as the rest of the static bindings aren't likely to
be ported to Python 3 at all.

I would like to put for consideration the idea of moving gio from
pygobject to pygtk, so it is not destabilized by pygobject's port to
Python 3. The code generator is in the same situation, so it could
also be moved to pygtk.

I know that pygtk doesn't have an excess of maintainers right now, but
these modules should be relatively mature already.

There's also the question of what to do with the Gtk and Gdk overrides
in and their
tests, which don't really belong to pygobject.

Any ideas?



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