Re: pyspi buch of questions

Hi Rodrig,

First, pyspi has been obseleted by pyatspi[0], which should be available
in your distribution either as pyatspi, python-at-spi, or at-spi-python.

To track the mouse cursor's location, you can use
pyatspi.Registry.registerEventListener to listen for the "mouse:rel"
events. The best documentation I know of is located here [1]

As for your second problem, I would try it with pyatspi and see if it's
somehow fixed.



On Wed, 2010-06-30 at 00:30 -0700, rock p wrote:
> hi,
> I quickly look but i din't find what i was looking for.
> Do you know if it's possible to have the position of the cursor
> (mouse), and the screen resolution ?
> I have also a wired bug when i use the press fonction (1) on the
> header of a window in order to move it, the mouse stay as press
> position even if i use the click double click or the release (2).
> Does anyone have the same problem ?
> regards 
> rodrig
> (1) Registry.generateMouseEvent(self.posX,self.posY, 'b1sp')
> (2) Registry.generateMouseEvent(self.posX,self.posY, 'b1sr')
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