Re: Planner-list What is the best way to print the project?

Hi Alexandre,

Hope we will see much improvement on the printing. This is the most important, imagine we have done so much with planner, but cannot print out a proper output. This is really frustrating.

Also, the completion %  should not apply to parent task. And there should be good indicator on expiring tasks. Those are basic features of project management.

Thanks for the reply.


On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 3:47 AM, Klark Ooi <kooi redhat com> wrote:
> Hi,


> the project view and print layout are very difficult to adjust. Any advice on the best practices? thanks.

As you can see in some of our bug reports, for instance, our current
printing system isn't very flexible. That's something we need to work

Alexandre Franke
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