[Planner] splitted tasks feature ?

Hello everybody,
I have been trying to find a simple tool for project management (I am currently using Excel which makes me lose a lot of time)
Gantt Project is not suitable since it does not support splitted task (ie. Joe works on the same task Monday and Friday , but not Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday)
In Gantt project , the user is forced to create as many occurences of the same task as the number of times one person works on this task. Since we have many splitted task, this is not suitable for us.
I would like to try Imendio Planner but it is difficult to install tu my current workstation since I do not have administrative priviledges. But may be it is not worth the fight, may be it is :
Could you tell me :
>>>>>>Does imendo Planner Supports splitted tasks? <<<<<<<<<<<<
If not , do you know other solutions ? (I heard about Open workbench but haven't tryied it since I cannot install it either).
If this topic has been raised already, please, indicate to me how to search the mailing list.
Thank you very much for your cooperation,
Pam L.

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