Re: [Planner] exporting as html in other languages

On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 13:53 -0500, a la sombra del wrote:
> First of all, excelent work!!!!  thank you.
> I am exploring what planner can do, i am using planner0.13 under
> gnu/linux ubuntu-6.06, in an es_mx locales environment (in spanish).
> i noticed that it if you export to html it exports all default text in
> english. It is not that dificult to translat by had, using Nvu or
> Mozilla-Composer, however it is a problem when more than one planner
> file are exported or when a file is updated. 
> I am wondering if this could be fixed. Iam no programer, but can help
> with anything in my capabilities.

Well, the short answer is that you could edit the stylesheets,
translating the offending English into Spanish.  Search for
planner2html.xsl, and you'll find the folder where they're installed,
usually /usr/local/share/planner/data/stylesheets/

The others you'll need to translate are html1*.xml

The right way to do it is for one of us developers to come up with a
scheme to make it happen automatically.  I was thinking of creating
entities for all of the words/phrases in the html output we'd need
translated, put them in separate files by language (something like
en.xml, es.xml, etc.), then teach Planner to pass the language to the
stylesheet and the stylesheet to import the correct language file.

Kurt Maute <kurt maute us>

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