Re: [Planner] users guide

Hi Raja

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 04:21, raja dravid wrote:
> dear planner users
> I am experiencing difficulties in opening the 
> user guide in the "help" tag of the planner 0.11 application. This is the 
> message I get:
> "There was an error launching the default action command associated with this 
> location"
> This application was originally written for gnome, so I suppose the help files 
> are not in the location planner wants them to be... 

If you're not using Gnome, it would be helpful to know some more about
your system to help diagnose your problem.

> Is there a easy way to fix this? I could not find a preferences tab to 
> configure the planner, or a online planner users guide...

The most current version of the user guide (for the impending v0.12
release) can be viewed here:

Or you can download a pdf of the guide for Planner v0.11 here:

Kurt Maute <Kurt Maute us>

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