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What's the ratioinale behind this view. If I schedule two tasks in parallel, each using the same resource, the first for 30%, the other for 20%, the resource is colored red. Clearly, it is not over allocated.


At 07:54 11/02/2004, Xavier Ordoquy wrote:
On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 05:03, Matthew Tippett wrote:
> Hello,


> In earlier version of mrproject, there was the ability to look at
> resources and ensure that they were not over commited.  I can't
> remember the view name, but it was there part way during between a
> couple of releases.

That was the timetable view.

> Is there any chance of finding out if it can still be compiled in,
> or if there is any possibility that it will be back in the future.

Sure, I've been working on it to remove some bugs and it is now back in
planner cvs. It is now called resource usage.
The next release will also get undo/redo features which is complex to
code but will rock ;)

Xavier Ordoquy.

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