Re: [Planner] Planner and 5 year projects ... back again

On sön, 2004-08-08 at 17:09 +0200, Jan Polcher wrote:
> Hello,
> Your comment "with 10000 hours lag" set me on a trail !
> It is not clear that the lag was to be expressed in hours when the first 
> page of the edit menu (General) specifies the units as days.

That's one of the things we need to fix. It should behave like the other
time entries, parsing 1d, 1w etc for days, weeks and so on. And display
in days.

> To try and avoid these complications I have created myself a calendar 
> where we work 1 hour each day of the week (also on weekends)! Thus days 
> and hours should become equal.
> Now I can create a task of length 30 days by entering 30 in the General
> page ! Once this is done the task is displayed as 30 days long as it
> should be. But the General page now indicates 3.8 days ... strange !

I suspect that's because we have a long standing TODO about fixing hard
coded day lengths. We assume that a day is 8 hours in some places.

Ideally, both these issues should be fixed for the next release, we just
need someone to do it :) If you are interested in helping out, that
would be great!

By the way, we do most development discussion on the planner-dev list:


Imendio HB,

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