[Planner] file extension


First I'd like to say thanks for planner, it's a very nice bit of
software, and it's helped me a great deal.

One thing I find extremely annoying, although it is a minor issue, is
that planner insists on appending ".mrproject" to the filename of the
project file.  This is really un-unixy behavior.  Having a default file
extension is fine, but if I have specifically renamed a planner file, to
e.g. "plan", and I open it, modify it, and save it, planner should write
to the same file, not create a new "plan.mrproject".  I don't use any
other program on linux that insists changing my filenames in this way. 
So, do you consider this a bug?  If so, I could probably submit a patch
without too much trouble.


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