Re: Managing the triple constraints appropriately

On Thu, Apr 03, 2008 at 10:27:15PM -0700, Anmar Oueja wrote:
> Wow... the UI is quite convoluted and require a fair bit of clicking
> here and there 

That's a know issue. As I wrote in my roadmap mail to this list a little
while ago, I would really like editing in the task tree to be like
editing in a gnumeric/excel sheet. Unfortunately this is a non-trivial
task for someone, such as yours truly, who does not have much experience
with GTK+.

I'll get to it eventually, if someone doesn't beat me to it.


Maurice van der Pot

Gentoo Linux Developer   griffon26 gentoo org
Gnome Planner Developer  griffon26 kfk4ever com

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