Re: MS Project import/export

On Mar 16, 2007 9:23 AM, Francisco Moraes <fmoraes nc rr com> wrote:
> Victor wrote:
> > Hello, Planner developers,
> >
> > I would like to talk about MS Project import/export in Planner.
> > This topic has been started one day:
> >
> >
> > But seems that there was no interest in this feature in 2004.
> > Let me say several words about this. I believe that this feature is
> > really actual now in 2007 - with MS Project import/export Planner would
> > be a strong competitor, a real alternative to MS Project, especially in
> > Linux world.
> >
> > Yes, I see, you do not like MS Project, me too! But all business people
> > want to see plans in MS Project format. Even if Planner looks great
> > (it's true ;-) ) and free, business people do not want to install and
> > learn something else. Useless to convince... What we can do is to
> > provide a CHOICE - some people use MS Project, others may use Planner.
> > It is impossible now since we have different file formats. If we could
> > make import/export from/to MS Project format, everybody would be happy.
> >
> > Currently, this topic is being discussed in MPXJ mailing list:
> >
> >
> > Jon is going to implement Planner file support in his MPXJ Java library
> > (  It's a great idea! But I think also it
> > would be great to have MS Project import/export in Planner itself. As I
> > understand, there exist all necessary libraries to read MS Ole fiiles
> > and we have MPXJ sources for reading MPP/MPX and writing MPX.
> > If there are C/C++ programmers which are interested in doing this, let
> > us coordinate our work with Jon and try to make Planner a nice choice
> > for users! I am a Java programmer (I have done some C++ projects for
> > Windows ~5 years ago) , but I will try to help where possible!
> >
> I have the start of a MPXJ based import for Planner. I just didn't have
> the time to finish it. I can submit it if some wants to give it a try.
> It use the libgsf for opening the OLE based files.

Sorry for bringing up this old thread. I need to use MPP format at
work now. Francisco, can you release the source? I will see what I can

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