Re: [Planner Dev] Resource feedback

On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 19:02 +0200, Nicolas LAURENT wrote:
> first of all excuse me for my poor english! :-)

Not at all, I think its pretty darn good!

> Before expose my needs I want to thank you for your very good work on
> planner. I'm using it at work for several weeks instead of PMW.
> The "missing feature" is, for me, the ability to set "variable" the unit
> in the association task-ressource. Actually, it could be great if
> planner could do:
> Task 1: personn A: **********+++++*****
> Task 2: personn A:           +++++
> 100%: ****
> 50%:  ++++
> Task 1 duration should be recomputed instead of setting person A
> "over-loaded"...
> I know these kind of features need to be more described. But here's only
> my need.

Yes, I've just recently committed a patch from Matteo Nastasi that adds
simple priority scheduling.  It'll be available in v0.14, or you can
build the source from CVS if you'd like to try it out now.  You need to:
  ./  --enable-simple-priority-scheduling
to enable the feature.

Kurt Maute <kurt maute us>

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