[Planner Dev] Resource feedback


First of all, the target of this email is to share some needed features
and ideas to implement them. I plan to find time to work on it.

I know we have had long discussions in the past about how the resources
of a project should feedback the project manager in order the schedule
for the project could be updated. 

I have been talking with a mate in the work that is working scheduling
projects (with MS Project for now) as me and we have started to have a
clear vision of a minimal implementation that we need.

				     >	Resource 1

				     >	Resource 2

	Project Manager --> Planner
				     >	Resource 3

				     >	Resource n

The project manager once the schedule is completed wants to communicate
it to the resources. Currently we have the export as HTML report and it
is a nice way to do it, but what we really need is a individual report
per resource in order each resource doesn't get confused with the
complete and normally complex schedule of the project.

So the first thing we need is to improve a bit how to communicate the
individual schedule to the resources, maybe with a new style sheet that
creates a individual page per resource.

Once a resources has its own view of the schedule she can easily report
feedback about the progress on her tasks using this view. It could be
ideal that the per resource report include a little GUI in order the
resource can feedback about the completion status of the work.

A quick idea could be to offer the report as a HTML page, like the
actual HTML complete schedule report, with a button to indicate the
completion of a task.

Once a user hits the button a CGI (I think we have had a CGI in the past
in MrProject) could be invoked that updates the schedule in Planner
obtaining a lock against the planner file before modifying it.

Currently planner is designed as a single user application but with a
very basic blocking system using lock files, we can have a good
concurrent control system.

With this simple schema we start to give Planner feedback about
execution and I feel it will be a more useful tool for managing the
execution of projects.

Any ideas or comments will be very welcomed. I will rethink a bit all
the design before starting to code anything.


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