Re: [Planner Dev] Planner for Windows

> Okay, there is some issue regarding 0.13 and the way it does same 
> date/time conversions. Specially it seems to affect systems 
> running 
> non-English versions of Windows.
> Problem disappears in post-0.13 versions from CVS, where date/time 
> handling has been rewritten.
> After obtaining newest CVS-compilation it worked like a charm...

I've posted a new installer based on the CVS version. You can download it from:
> Few concerns about build process... New translations, current 
> build 
> can't handle them... Right? Since I'm considering to do Finnish 
> translation...

Yes, I started working on that as well as cleaning up the makefile depending on my directory.
> Building installation tree. There should be "make -f 
> Makefile.win32 
> install" (or similiar) that makes runtime tree, it's a helluva job 
> to 
> make tree from scratch. Specially for developers.

Yes. This will be done. I just need to write it.

> For bugzilla there might be need to start having different 
> platforms, 
> since there will be issues regarding different platforms (like 
> runtime 
> location depedency in win32 platform)


> There is a thing regarding SF.NET page:
> All GPL/LGPL sources should be local (it is generally considered 
> inadequate just to link them since you have _no_ control for 
> location of 
> files in linkged pages) if you redistribute binaries.

Yes, I know about this. I am in the process of fixing it. It just takes time :-)


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