Re: [Planner Dev] Planner for Windows

> Funny.. =)
> I was running planner.exe from "C:\Program Files\Planner\lib" dir...
> Changed one dir up and now it can't find:
> "C:\Program Files\Planner\pixmaps"
> "C:\Program Files\Planner\icons"
> They are missing "share" part of path...
> In any case paths _should be independent of location where you run 
> "planner.exe". They shoudl be dependent of "planner.exe" location, 
> which 
> can be obtained easily.

I know they should be dependant on that, but that's not the case yet. A little clean up in the code needs to be done for that to happen. I've chosen the easy approach for now but like I said, we can start to clean up and fix bugs like this. It is just strange that I've tested the installation on two different machines without any problems.

It seems like something on the non English machines is causing the path problem.

Keep me posted.


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