Re: [Planner Dev] Some bugs/RFE

Santiago Erquicia wrote:

I thought this was not working because I tried 6m for months.  Is there
any reason why month and year are not allowed?

Nah, we just need to add it :) I think using "m" for months is more useful than "minutes" too. Should be a ten minute thing to fix this. Feel free to report a bug.

I'm pretty much waiting for GTK+ 2.6 since it's trivial to fix with that version. We could add some kind of workaround for now though, that ellipsizes the text if it's too wide. It's probably a good idea.

Do you want me to enter this in bugzilla anyway?

Sure, that would be great, especially if you paste my comment into it so we don't forget.

Thanks a lot for the program!!!  Since I don't know how to program, at
least in C, this way I can help in something.

Testing and usability ideas are very useful, so don't be afraid to speak up again :)

By the way, is there anyone working on the documentation?  That would be
something I can help with given that someone check whatever I do because
english is not my primary language ;)

Kurt Maute is working on it from time to time. Maybe you two could coordinate a bit.


Imendio HB,

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