Re: [Planner Dev] Some bugs/RFE

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 05:40, Richard Hult wrote:
> Santiago Erquicia wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi,
> > 1- In the Gantt Chart I cannot specify durations in months, only days.
> You can use a few units by using a suffix, d, w, h works. We have been 
> talking on and off about how to solve this nicely. I don't think we have 
> a bug report in bugzilla though.

I thought this was not working because I tried 6m for months.  Is there
any reason why month and year are not allowed?

> > 2- If I choose that a task has a fixed duration, I cannot specify the
> > finish date in the Task View.  I just can specify the work.  Shouldn't
> > we have a Duration column in this view and allow to change it's value if
> > the task has a fixed duration and don't allow to change the work?
> Yes, I think having a duration column there would be a good idea.

> > 3- There isn't any way, at least that I could find, to specify in the
> > project or Planner itself if tasks are going to be work or duration
> > driven.  If there were, what would be better in the Gantt Chart, show
> > the work or duration column?
> I'm not sure. If we had more space, we could show both and have to 
> correct one be editable...

For project wide setting the type of new tasks:

Having Duration values in Gantt Chart table:

> > 4. While I'm changing the finish date of a task in the Gantt Chart, it
> > would be good if when I reach the right limit of the screen that it
> > scroll automatically.  Now I need to unclick it, scroll a little, move
> > the final date again.  This is specially a problem when you cannot
> > insert anything different than dates.
> Yes, agreed.

> > 5. The new project starts at the current day by default.  When I change
> > the project starting date to a future date and click in some other place
> > I can see how the Task View is updated.  As soon as I click the close
> > button, it goes back to the previous date of the one that I selected.
> I can't reproduce this in HEAD.

Does anyone can reproduce this in HEAD or 0.12.1?  It looks like
something got unsynchronized and it could never go back again.

> > 6. If I set a task as fixed duration, shouldn't it gray out the box of
> > the necessary work to accomplish it?  I mean, shouldn't it happen the
> > opposite as what happens when it is work driven?
> Well, the way we handle fixed duration is by changing the assignments. 
> That is, if a task has fixed duration and you change the work or 
> duration, the resource assignment is tweaked to adjust to the new 
> workload/duration.
> > 7. There should be a task edit button or resource button on the toolbar,
> > depending the view.  This is the most common action to perform in those
> > views.
> Hm, would probably be a good idea.

> > 8. When editing the relationships between tasks there is no clear
> > indication of the unit of time used for lag.
> We have a bug report for this:

Yes, I didn't see it before

> > 9. If you enter a task in the Gantt Chart where its name is longer than
> > the current Name column, it automatically resizes it.  Shouldn't it be
> > the opposite?  I don't want to be changing every time I add a new task
> > the separator between the table and the graph to see the Work column.
> I'm pretty much waiting for GTK+ 2.6 since it's trivial to fix with that 
> version. We could add some kind of workaround for now though, that 
> ellipsizes the text if it's too wide. It's probably a good idea.

Do you want me to enter this in bugzilla anyway?

> > This is what I have founded until now.  If you think this is worth to
> > put into bugzilla, please let me know which ones.
> Thanks, lots of good feedback. Feel free to add them to bugzilla :)
> /Richard

Thanks a lot for the program!!!  Since I don't know how to program, at
least in C, this way I can help in something.

By the way, is there anyone working on the documentation?  That would be
something I can help with given that someone check whatever I do because
english is not my primary language ;)

Thanks again,

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