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On Thu, 20 May 2004, Richard Hult wrote:
What is there to know except that it doesn't work with automake less
than 1.7? FWIW, Lincoln posted his errors on Monday.

As I've said, what we need is just to make 1.7 the required version, and
then make it pass distcheck with 1.7+ (which is doesn't do for me at the

Sorry my mistake (I'm ommit this post).

aclocal: macro `AM_PATH_PYTHON' required but not defined
aclocal: 202: macro `AM_PATH_PYTHON' not found in library

python.m4 with AM_PATH_PYTHON aclocal macro is automake part and was introduced in automake 1.7.3 or even before. *If* above error message is displayed it mean lack of python.m4 in `aclocal --print-ac-dir` (usualy /usr/share/aclocal) direcory in Lincoln system and this can also mean it is not bug in Repeat .. we don't talk about buggy AM_PATH_PYTHON abut about *lack* of this aclocal macro in system resources.

I can only suspect but above can mean Linconl have in your system two
version automake. One 1.7 which have python.m4 in correct path and another
(greater or not) version without this file and this is why run
{aclocal,automake}-1.7 works correctly.
Lincoln: can you ones more check your system ?
Can you show output of two commands on your system ?

$ aclocal --print-ac-dir; aclocal-1.7 --print-ac-dir

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