[Planner Dev] Planner enhancements and patches up to 31st March 2004 from Lincoln sandbox.

	attached diff contains the following,

(Task priority spinner not effective.)
Priority spinner now effective and gets stored. It was
always displayed by never used. Range is 0,1..9999.
WARNING: this changes schema. An old Planner will
not read any new files which have priority in
them (This isn't a bug but how Planner works in its
backward compatibility stuff).

(Task up and down should work on selections.)
Task selections can now be moved up and down.
before only individual tasks could be moved. Very handly when
rearranging your project schedules.

(Should be able to set Resources for multiple tasks at once.)
NOTE: it doesn't do this fully. But I'll close this bugzilla.
This is a multiple dialog feature which allows you to select
select multiple tasks and open the edit dialog on whatever
page you are interested on for all those tasks at once.
Its the best we're going to get for this for now.

(Altering resource assignments does not trigger save reminder)

(Confirmation dialog needed for Reset Constraints.)
I added this as I got annoyed when I lost my constraints
by accidently clicking the button. May/maynot be needed
if we have UNDO but its still a user friendly feature.

Plus workaround for Bugzilla...
(Planner crashes when saving file.)

Other changes:
** Put some hooks into planner_task_tree_link_tasks to add
a new feature of more fancy linking which I'm working on.

** Removed bogus enum in mrp-sql.c around line 458.

** Added new images for Task Constraints and other Action menu
entries. It looks very pretty now IMHO.


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