[Planner Dev] Task Contraints


I have looked at using planner for a project of mine and it looks pretty good, 
such that it would almost do the job... almost. Good work guys. What I really 
need is the other dependancy types to work. From what I can tell the "lag" 
option does not work either. 

Consequently, I would not mind having a "hack". I have not programmed with 
Gnome or GTK before, well actually I did write a small GTK app about 4 years 
ago but I have well and truly forgotten all about that. I tried to have a 
poke around and did not get very far. 

I have read the "getting-started-hacking.xml" document. B.t.w. how do I 
convert this into a more redable format? or view it? I expected that "make" 
would generate a html or pdf from the xml.

I was hoping that somebody could give me some pointers and a rough overview on 
how the code fits togeather. Maybe even tell me which modules/classes do the 
work that I will need to change.

One thing that I did want to specifically know is, where in code does the 
"scheduling" get done. If I create a dependancy, where is the code that 
decides where in time this dependant task should get shifted to.
Thanks in advance for any help.



Corey Schuhen
corey_m schuhen net

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