Re: [Planner Dev] bug report (and link on contact page is broken)

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 16:34, Isaac Jones wrote:
> I'm sorry if this is a known bug.  The gnome bug tracking link from your
> contact page is broken.
> Perhaps this is not a bug, but this behavior has been driving me a
> little nuts in the 0.11 release, and I just grabbed the CVS release and
> it's there too.
> If I assign a total amount of resources to a task that is not equal to
> 100%, then dragging the right end of a task in the gantt chart (to
> resize it) it jumps either higher or lower, I assume, depending on the
> amount of work.

yup, could reproduce the bug.
I won't have the time to fix that before monday ....

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