Re: [Planner Dev] Planner database version

Alvaro del Castillo wrote:

Hi guys!

After reading the Lincoln and Jani emails, and coding and testing 2
hours, here goes a new patch with the database version for all planner
projects in a separate table. With this approach, we can grow the table
to meet Liconln hosting needs and also, Jani ideas.

OK - I see how you've done that and I'm happy. Once things settle
down then I can easily hack your code and add new features to it.

Also there are a minor spelling mistake in "propecty",

RCS file: /cvs/gnome/planner/libplanner/mrp-sql.c,v

+		g_warning ("DECLARE CURSOR command failed (propecty_type) %s.",

Also with,
gchar             *init_database = "template1";

why change this name and why not keep what the user provided
when they tried to access the database ? ...or if this is
the first use then why not use the same name as provided by the
user (where they get asked for host, databasename, username, password).
I don't understand why the init_database is hard coded as template1.

The dialog....,
+		dialog = gtk_message_dialog_new (window,
+						 _("Database %s need to be upgraded "
+						   "from version %s to version %s."),
+ database_name, database_version, + max_version_upgrade);

should have "needs" not "need" as there is just one database (weird
English language !).


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