Re: [Planner Dev] ANN: Planner 0.12, Windows port

Jani tiainen wrote:

lincoln phipps openmutual net wrote:

Jani tiainen wrote:

Jani tiainen wrote:

Binary package and package list needed can be found at:

Nice, though I'm up to where I get those SIGSEGV errors
in KERNEL32!IsBadWritePtr()  (from system32/kernel32.dll)

The one thing I did notice was that....

GNOME gconf (and others ?) needs to write to /home/Lincoln
but that wasn't created (I did a new install of Cygwin).
Once I created /home/Lincoln then it started.

Note that most of Gnome2 port are still in alpha/beta stage. There is many times need to delete lock files for gconfd ($TMP/gconfd/lock or $TEMP/gconfd/lock).

I did get it going for a very short while before Cygwin/something
borked  my whole Windows machine and I had the Planner displayed
and noticed that the Week started from "Week 0" and not "Week 1".
I found this as I changed the project start date to 31st Dec 2004
(was 31st Dec 1969)

I actually expected the start date to be 1st Jan 1970 for a broken
date so there are two faults - the Project start date BUT also
a  more serious out-by-1 error with some things things.

...was using DDD to track the SIGSEGV and its in GetSystemTimeAdjustment
so all related to the wrong project start, the out by 1 for the bad
project start and the wrong week number.

I believe that this is a bit larger problem that appears in other systems, like BSD and IIRC in MacOS X also.

Still a start - it would be nice to have Planner run just like
Ethereal does but then there are a shedload of dependancies !.

As long as Planner depends anything else than GTK (like bonobo), having standalone is a pretty much out of question - except if someone can port whole Gnome2 to native win32... =)

I remember that there has been discussions since MrProject that all things should be done with GTK, but this is not planned in Planner releases. Or is it?

But this is a good start and first free, reasonable PM software that runs in Windows.

...well there is that new Niku Open Workbench but its quite complex
and pitched to the top end of the market.


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