[Planner Dev] lag & more


I am new to planner but I like it a lot.
I few things bother me and I am willing to give a hand in fixing them.
I also have ideas on additional features but this I need to consider a bit
and do more experimentation.

The single thing that stands out is predecessor lag time.
User guide says:
"Finally, you can enter a lag time for the relationship, which represents the
number of days after the relationship has been satisfied."

To move the task in gantt window by a week one need to enter 7*24=168.
I would expect this to be 5 (or whatever the calendar says about number of
work days in the current week).
Should I try to fix it or is somebody else is working on this. Suppose it is
me doing it, now, should I also fix the dialog to work like (not implemented
in planner 0.12) [Figure 17. Task properties dialog] in User guide were a
default 'display time unit' can be selected (by the way I would like to work
using weeks to measure amount of work). I can also imagine lag being a fixed
value (not depandent on the calendar) as well. Any ideas?

Is there a quick start document for people willing to join the development
effort of planner. Can I work by modifying 0.12 sources and file the changes
to somebody to be approved and entered into the main source body, ... ?


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