Re: [Planner Dev] First patch to database backend

On sön, 2004-07-11 at 18:44 +0000, Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
> Hi guys!
> After some days working in it, I have a first patch which features:
> - Creation of database in load/save with confirm dialogs.
> - Creation of database tables in load/save with confirm dialogs.
> - Upgrading of database load/save with confirm dialogs and nice WARNINGS
> I have some points to be solved, like moving some logic from frontend to
> backend, but currently, all the logic is in the frontend because it is
> easy to show the user UI will all the data in operations, but I think in
> the future we will move logic to the backend.
> Once these patch is applied we can start working in database projects
> maintanence and implementing a model for all the user access control to
> databases. I need also to modifiy tables so we can have a global version
> for all the projects. I am using now the Planner version from to play
> with it, but we need the planner version which created the user database
> tables.
> I think we won't support using different planner versions to share data
> in a common database in the first release.

Looks good... but why did you change the gpl header? :)

There are missing spaces etc coding style wise that would be nice to get
fixed before committing. Other than that:

  _("Database %s need to be upgraded to version: %s."
  " Please backup the database before upgrading."
  " Have you done the backup and want to continue?")

The last sentence should probably be removed (likewise for one more

_("Can't create tables in database %s. File %s could be corrupted."
 "\n\nDatabase error: \n%s"),

I think a corrupt file would be the least probable error here, no reason
to make a guess like that, IMO.

Should set the main window as parent window for those dialogs (also
something we need to go through and fix in older code).

       _("Tables in database %s doesn't exist. "
      "Do you want to create them?"),

Should be "do not exist"... (or a more friendly wording like "The
database is not setup for Planner. Do you want to do that?".)


Imendio HB,

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