Re: Fwd: Re: [Planner Dev] MS Project 'red flag'

ons 2004-02-18 klockan 16.21 skrev Mark Durrenberger:


> I'm getting a great deal of help from Hal Eisen (anther member of this 
> list). He's pointed me to all the right downloads and will help with the 
> partitioning etc. He too recommended Red Hat (9) and pointed me to the 
> systemrescue which has a partition tool so I'm downloading now (RedHat 9 
> disk 2 ISO is 650MB and taking about 19 hours to download disk 1 and 3 took 
> about an hour each why the huge diff I don't know)

Notice that Fedora Core 1 is out (successor to Red Hat Linux) which has
newer packages than in Red Hat 9. I think this is what you want instead,
though if you already downloaded and installed Red Hat 9 it should be
enough to get you started on helping out on Planner (which btw, would be

  Mikael Hallendal

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