Re: [Planner Dev] Fix for patch for the Link button patch against 0.11 CVS.

mån 2004-02-16 klockan 15.21 skrev lincoln phipps openmutual net:
> Richard,
> 	I just checked out the latest CVS copy (from anon so
> I had to wait a bit as the CVS server was playing up and out
> of sync), and the link button is around the wrong way from
> how my original patch did it i.e. the expected link isn't
> top-down visually but bottom up visually.
> Attached is a patch to the current CVS to fix this orientation ;)

Hm? Here, CVS does the following:

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3

select all and link:

Task 1 -> Task 2 -> Task 3

Which should be the expected behavior I'm sure?

If that's not what you are seeing, there might be a difference in how
the selection is returned in different versions of GTK+ (I'm using
2.3.x) , and we might need to make sure that the list is sorted
according to the visual order.


Richard Hult                    richard imendio com

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