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Richard Hult wrote:

On mån, 2004-08-30 at 19:36 +0200, Andrej Vodopivec wrote:
I did some more planning using planner. I have quite some remarks on
bugs? and new features. Let me apologize for not being able to use
the right words all the time but I hope the ideas will be clear to everybody.

Thanks a lot for all the input, it's greatly appreciated!

We keep track of bugs and feature requests in the bugzilla database, to
make sure we don't forget things and to make it easier to follow up on
each bug.

It would be great if you would consider submitting those bugs (or at
least the ones you think is most important) at:

We try to keep one report per bug/request as far as possible.
Sorry about this. Most of my items are not bugs but more like improvements
in my view or nuisance in view of somebody else. I will make sure the bugs
are entered in bugzilla.

  Draw vertical gray lines at the beginning of month,quater,... when weeks
       are not shown any more. It is difficult to compare timing of
       tasks when one has 50 lines without any grid.
       When minor unit is month one could gray out the first full week,
       when minor unit is quarter one could gray out the first month, ...

So for example, this could be one bug report.
It could be a bug but it could also be a design decision to gray out only what
calendar does not define as work time.

  Extend horizontal gray lines in Gantt chart into calendar area (option?)
       like in task view
  Vertical grid would also come handy in HTML file.

...and this another one, etc.

I have a schedule which extends well into 2006 but I am much more interested into the next quarter details than in 2006 plan or what already happened since May. I want to print Gantt chart from 1-SEP-2004 to 31-DEC-2004.

We already have a report for this:

Feel free to add comments to it.

I would not mind if a few extra days are plotted to get a weekly grid.

Good idea, we should probably always start on week start or month start
or year start depending on the zoom I think?

       Most of my schedule beyond half a year in the future is changing
       quite a bit so it is a waste of paper to print it in detail.
   Something like:
       from-date to-date; 6 weeks per page
       from-week year to-week year; 1 week per page
       this and next three quarter; one quarter per page

Do you mean as preset zoom alternatives when printing, that the user can
choose from?
Yes, that's it.

       from-date to-date
       from-week to-week

-when started as: 'planner fname' window banner says "Unnamed - Imendio

We actually display the name of the project, not the filename. We could
fallback to the filename if there is no name though.
Is it possible to set the project name? I will check the User Guide and correct
my plans.

-list Resource Usage as
       Top_task_name Bottom_task_name
Like I plan design of three circuits. The database has to be delivered to
               a fab. The process is called tape-out. My plan contains
               tape-out 2-3 times for each of 3 circuits: mis, mis-tx,cdat
   The Resource Usage creates a list like:
       > Igor Grm
           Igor Grm    tape-out
           Igor Grm    tape-out
           Igor Grm    tape-out2
           Igor Grm    tape-out
   While I would need:
       > Igor Grm
           mis         tape-out
           cdat        tape-out
           mis         tape-out2
           mis-tx      tape-out

Hm, you mean that mis/cdat etc are the parent tasks of the various tape-
out tasks? That sounds like it could be a bit confusing, how about
displaying the WBS code instead, like:

Igor Grm
 Igor Grm     1.2.4 tape-out
 Igor Grm     2.1.3 tape-out
When you group all tasks of 'Igor Grm' it is unnecessary to write
the name in each line.

Or something I've thought about doing before, only have one column:

Igor Grm
 1.2.4 tape-out
 2.1.3 tape-out
Please, see below.

-display time unit for work,duration,lag,slack: select weeks, days, or hours
       All time entries should expect values entered using this unit
       unless w,d,h is appended. This should be selectable in Preferences.

We have some bugs about units across planner.
-merge (import) of plans
-export selected tasks (with subtasks)
-means to track plan execution
-(means to track changes in plan)
-view Resource Usage of multiple plans (files)

Well, that's more of a general super-project feature, where you merge
multiple files, not a resource usage feature. Either that, or a shared
resource pool across multiple projects, but still not a resource usage
view feature but more fundamental change to planner.
I manage a group of 12 people designing mostly analog circuits. I would ideally like to have one planner file per circuit and have a posibility to extract the Resource Usage of all the files (in the current directory). The same person is
working on a number of projects simultanuasly because:
- one is a specialist for say digital design
- there is a one to three months gap between the tape-out and the time one can
   evaluate the circuit.
- a customer may request changes after the circuit enters production.
Now, since I can not pull a  Resource Usage from multiple files I have 19
(and growing) projects (circuits) in a single file. For each circuit I have 2-3
tape-outs and a tape-out is milestone in the line of taks:
design, layout, tape-out, evaluation, report.
WBS code is crypic and I would have to look it up in task or Gantt view.
In may case I would opt for:
<>Igor Grm
and leave it to the user so select appropriately short task/subtask names.
This could work well with multiple files prefixing each line with

-when 'Fixed duration' is selected for a task one can not assign

We have a report that is somewhat related to this:

Now, there is the question on who decides on what features will be
accepted in case I decide to do them. I do not want to spent my
time doing a feature nobody needs or whoever is in control of the
main source tree would not accept. I would like to consult with the
decision makers before I start coding.

As mentioned above, we keep track of bugs/feature requests in bugzilla,
and when someone shows interest in fixing a bug, we assign the bug to
that person and make sure we have a target milestone set and we're set
to go. We're usually very pragmatic :)
You can assign me one of (1. printing, 2, Resource Usage, 3. zoom (grid)) and enter it in bugzilla but I would like somebody's consent on my proposal before
I comit to milestones and start coding.


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