Re: [Planner Dev] Task Predecessors



Create two tasks, Go into task number two and then add a SS
predecessor to task 1. Gantt updates as expected. Now change
this within the task dialog to any other and you'll see that
the gantt doesn't change the link line and arrows.

I've seen this before when I was changing the Resource
allocated percentage and the gantt didn't update and I had to
tweak some extra code. Your's may be a similar issue.

Richard (of Imendio) will pick up the patch, check it,
and then tweak if neccessary, or comment on how it needs to be
changed, and if OK merge it in to the GNOME CVS.

It takes a few hours for this to appear in anon cvs (which
is what I use). I use the changelog file to see if this has
updated when I'm waiting for anon cvs to get in sync with
main GNOME cvs.

The main comment I have on the presentation of the patch is that
he likes the diff format to be -u and no whitespace (-b -B)
and to include the c function in each section (-p). Thus I use .....

	cd myplannersandbox
	cvs diff -ubBp 1>../mydifffile.diff

then tar.gz (planner-dev has a 40kbyte limit on postings) or
email that diff to the planner-dev. If you are using Cervisia
then that doesn't yet do the diff to repository right. I've
emailed the Cervisia developer and I'd hope to see
a new version of Cervisia with such a new feature but not yet.

Before I ship my patches I also re-verify that the patch
can be applied to a clean checkout of anon CVS.

Actually on your patch applies OK - I reverted my copy of
planner-relation-arrow.c, planner-relation-arrow.h
and mrp-task-manager.c to undo your previous patches you
emailed and applied this pred_types_update.diff fine, well
other that the comments above on how gantt handles on-the-fly
changes to the dialog entry :)

(another Planner contributor).

Corey Schuhen wrote:
Hi again,

Thanks for your comments. I have done some more work on the other predecessor types. I farmed the "compute min time for a particular predecessor relationsship" into a separate function. I have also implemented (what I think) the correct drawing of arrows in the gantt chart, let me know if you all think this is how they should work. It would also be nice to make sure that no lines were drawn through other tasks, but that might be a bit more work.

New screenshot and cvs diff attached. Look at my last one to see what has changed.

Anyway, assuming this all looks good... how do I go about getting it committed to CVS? What process does it have to go through.



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