Re: [pinpoint] pinpoint and audio

Ben Harris wrote:

> I use quite a few audio files in my presentations. Is it possible to
> play audio on the advent of a slide in the same way the video works?
> I tried using the same syntax as for video using a variety of audio
> formats and was unsuccessful. As a workaround I've been using a
> command to bring up an external audio player. Is this the only way
> to do it?

I have had some success using ogg vorbis files (with ".ogg"
extension). Some success, but also some segfaults.

If I had stuck with using audio, I would have tried making a file with
a blank video channel, like this:

 gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc pattern=2 ! theoraenc ! oggmux name=mux \
    ! filesink location=video.ogv filesrc location=audio.ogg \
    ! oggdemux ! mux.

BTW, the list of extensions that trigger gstreamer magic is:

  char *video_extensions[] =
    {".avi", ".ogg", ".ogv", ".mpg",  ".flv", ".mpeg",
     ".mov", ".mp4", ".wmv", ".webm", ".mkv", ".3gp", ".gif", NULL};

You could try just renaming your audio to one of these, and see what


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