gconf keys read at login ...

Hi there,

	I've been digging at the gconf performance issues on login, and it
seems (to me) that the most promising approach here is to store the keys
that we read (and the schema/defaults for them) in a smaller, separate
store that we read before the gconf.xml.defaults.

	So - I turned on CORBA logging and grokked at what we're doing with
gconf on login ;-) cue groans and gasps of horror etc.

	I attach the compressed log (of a session startup), and a perl script
to parse it. Some highlights:

	* we read -all- the thumbnailer keys, individually, twice.
		+ [ who / why ! ? ;-]
	* network-manager is a disaster - I've poked Tambet separately
	* gnome-power-manager needs to do a recursive directory load
	* metacity ditto - for the global keybindings - 170 round trips
	  from metacity
	* nautilus - desktop and icon_view dirs need a preload
	* /desktop/gnome/accessibility likewise

	Anyhow - I hope the data is useful to speed up a few clients; now to
try to use it to sub-set the schema data :-)



 michael meeks novell com  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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