Re: Gtk performance issues from a user's point of view

Am Freitag, den 29.09.2006, 12:54 -0500 schrieb Federico Mena Quintero:
> On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 20:13 +0200, Adalbert Dawid wrote:
> > 1. GtkTreeView's repaints are slow. [...]
> Can you run a global profiler like sysprof to identify the culprit?

I created some profiles which you can fetch from
All of them were created on an up-to-date Ubuntu Edgy (GTK 2.10) with
compositing turned off and debugging symbols installed for all relevant
(AFAICT) packages.

table_nautilus.profile.gz was generated by resizing a column of
nautilus' list view (containing > 300 files) for about 10 seconds.
table_evolution.profile.gz was created by resizing a column of
evolution's list of mails (containing > 270 entries) for about 10

Additionally, I created four profiles for resizing (again ~10 seconds) a
window containing a single, full sized {GTK, Qt} button with a {plain,
gradient} decoration.

I'm not sure if these profiles are useful for anyone, though...

Some questions concerning sysprof:
- What do the numbers in the "Self" and "Total" (resp. "Cumulative")
columns mean exactly? 
- What is a "Sample" in this context?
- Is there any way to get to know how many times a specific function was
called and/or how long it took to proceed?

I was looking for answers to the questions above (google, sysprof
homepage, sysprof readme), but could not find any up to now...


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