[maemo-developers] GtkPerf data for GTK+ 2.6 vs GTK+ 2.10 vs Maemo-GTK+ 2.6 (on a Nokia 770)

So while the GtkPerf benchmarking may or may not give accurate data on
actual user experience, I went ahead and ran the thing at 1000
iterations on the fabeled ARM platform we all know (to miss a FPU
unit) and love (to hate for that).

The results are somewhat expected, with a couple of funny things.

First the setups (relevant libs with their versions, everything else
from the Maemo 2.0 developer rootfs):

1. GTK+ 2.6

2. GTK+ 2.10

3. Maemo-GTK+ 2.6

I ran GtkPerf 0.4 first a couple of times with low iteration count for
each setup to get the libs to memory[1] and then ran it for 1000
iterations (should be enough for resolution, at least it took ages to
finish :). All tests used the default builtin theme of GTK+.

Attached the gnumeric sheet with data and a png of the graph that
shows the relative performance of the setups (GTK+ 2.6 being the one
compared to).

There are some peculiar results there, of which I have nothing to
really say yet as I haven't checked the GtkPerf code or have more
detailed data on the hotspots (other than pango rendering perhaps, but
that's already being discussed right?).

But what the heck was wrong with the ComboBoxEntry in 2.6?-)

Also noteworthy is that even though the Maemo team has worked hard on
the performance (and succeeding overall), there is some regressions
there too when compared to regular 2.6.

[1] I had shut down some services to free up memory, but it's possible
that memory exhaustion could have kicked in in some of the tests that
use a lot of it (the textview test). After all, I still had the
maemo-gtk and other unrelated libs in memory all the time for
practical reasons...

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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