Re: Early Gnome-terminal profiling

2005/10/31, Travis Reitter <treitter-dev netdrain com>:
> I've done a little profiling of gnome-terminal, uxterm, and xterm, to
> see how they stack up to each other in a few different tests.
> Here's the rough draft (please don't link to it - the final release will
> be a blog post, once I've gotten a little review, and polished it up a
> little):

Nice work, and interesting results. I always have thought that
gnome-terminal is just slow, it degrades the performance of
applications notably if I run them with lots of debug output (more
than one would expect), but this would indicate that it does so just
because it hogs the CPU

> I'd appreciate any feedback and suggestions (especially corrections).

It would be interesting to see these runs with a remote display. If
xterm uses the sever more, does slower data rate to the server have a
greater impact on the performance? Or is the communication so
optimized that it has no significantly greater impact when compared to
gnome-terminal (which computes more in the user space).

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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