Re: [pdfmod] Future of PDF Mod ?


I filled 2 new bugs on PDF Mod : : Possibility to re-order the bookmarks in PDF Mod : In some documents, bookmarks are written "page 0"

Best regards,


On 25/01/2012 18:26, Xavier Guillot wrote:
Hi Gabriel,

Excellent news !

The bugs which are the most annoying and whose corrections would make PDF Mod not also the easiest but the most complete Pdf editor on Linux are following : : Remember the size and maximization state of the windows : Page Number should be displayed : Allow moving multiple pages : Merge more than one file at a time : Possibility to move / insert many pages with their number : Add Copy, Cut and Paste mechanism : PDF Advanced Export Options (PDF 1.7, saved name, security...)

But I don't know how there are easy to fix or not.

Best regards,


On 25/01/2012 17:54, Gabriel Burt wrote:
Hi Xavier,

It's certainly not over!  I've been thinking of doing a release fairly
soon to get some of our latest translations out.  Hopefully can wrap
some fixes into that as well.  Is there a bug or patch you're
particularly interested in?


On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 10:42 AM, Xavier Guillot
<Valeryan_24 laposte net>  wrote:

Are there any news about PDF Mod development update and bug correction or is
it over ?

Thanks in advance. Best regards,

Xavier Guillot

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