Re: [outreach] getting ready for GSoC and OPW

marina, this is awesome stuff! thanks a lot for your work and effort!

in the mean time i managed to skim through the gsoc registration and
update our application [1]. if you are fine with this, i would like to
register gnome as an gsoc organization in the next days.

i probably need to state a backup administrator for gsoc, is anybody
willing to do that?

i might be not available during late summer, so it might be a good idea
to have a small soc admin team like the years before.



On Mo, 2012-02-20 at 20:30 -0500, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:
> Hi!
> Google Summer of Code organizations application period will take place from February 27 to March 9. The accepted organizations will be announced on March 16 and the student application deadline is April 6. Can someone please start preparing GNOME's application to participate?
> We need to start letting students know that they should prepare to apply for GSoC as early as possible. Contributing to any organization would help with applying to the ones that are accepted. We should also announce the Outreach Program for Women internships to give the applicants as much time as possible to work on the required first contribution.
> I updated the information page about OPW, prepared an e-mail that people could use to advertise both GSoC and OPW, and created a page with information for mentors in GNOME.
> The big change for this round of OPW is that instead of the dedicated list of mentors it now points the applicants to the GNOME-wide list of mentors available on . I moved the OPW list of mentors there a few months ago, and people have been adding themselves to it. With this list, we now provide all newcomers with a way to find a mentor in GNOME who can help them with the first contribution!
> I've also encouraged other organizations to create such lists of mentors or provide links to the information about other ways newcomers can connect with mentors in their organization. has these links and will be used to encourage students to find mentors in different organizations. In particular, we are planning to spread the word about this resource among various women groups, which will help encourage more women participate in GSoC.
> I put the things that have proved to be important for OPW, such as a requirement for the applicant to contribute to the project they are applying for and an encouragement of manageable projects with commits throughout the internships period, on the GNOME's InfoForMentors page. Could we have contributing to the module one is applying to work on, rather than contributing to any module in GNOME, be a requirement for GSoC? This will better prepare both new and existing contributors for their work during the summer and will show us that people are actually comfortable working on the module they are applying to work on.
> Please let me know if you have any feedback about these resources! Four OPW interns - Liansu, Christy, Meg, and Tamara - are now working on an awesome comic about the application process for OPW, and we'll be ready to announce the next round once this comic is ready.
> Thanks,
> Marina
> P.S. Please note that soc-mentors-list and women-outreach list are private lists, and outreach-list is a public list.
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