libostree v2021.1

Some smaller bugfixes across board; for example introspection annotations, memory leaks, pull API with depth 
enabled, pulls from `file:///` URLs that contain whitespace, etc.

" Add configure option for unsuffixed GRUB2 commands" is notable for users of upstream grub2 (not the Fedora 

I hope that everyone starts using the new `ostree commit --bootable` (or the new shlib API) - this injects 
metadata into the commit which is useful to distinguish between bootable ostree commits (ones that contain a 
Linux kernel) versus e.g. flatpak apps or caches.

Thanks to all contributors!

Colin Walters (28):
      main: Unconditionally set up mount namespace
      sysroot: Also maintain canonical boot_fd
      sysroot: Handle ro /boot but rw /sysroot
      repo: Move fsverity bits to ostree-repo-verity.c
      repo: Make ostree_repo_create_at take nullable options Also link apt2ostree
      ci: Don't install deps if running as non-root
      ci: Add new
      deltas: Fix leak of matches
      Add --enable-sanitizers, fix `make check` with it
      docs: Describe using scratch/empty deltas for initial fetches Fix contributing link, add contact section
      refs: Make ostree_repo_resolve_rev{,_ext}() use (nullable)
      tests/inst: Switch to rpmostree-client from git
      deploy: Add subbootversion to journal
      Add an API+CLI to inject metadata for bootable OSTree commits
      tests/inst: Fix lots of `cargo clippy` warnings
      Merge pull request #2302 from cgwalters/tests-inst-clippy
      tests/inst: cargo fmt
      ci: Add a Github Action for Rust for tests/inst
      Merge pull request #2303 from cgwalters/gh-actions
      sysroot: Add _require_booted_deployment() API
      Merge pull request #2301 from cgwalters/api-require-booted
      Merge pull request #2298 from KloudJack/remove-grub2-suffix
      Drop minimal rust/ library
      tests/inst: Patch to use my PR for openat
      Merge pull request #2309 from jlebon/pr/prefix-pull
      Release 2021.1

Dan Nicholson (5):
      pull: Allow disabling commit binding verification
      pull: Use GNU coding style
      tests: Ensure no dangling commit partials on remote depth pull
      pull: Error on depth pull with missing head commit
      pull: Fix local pull with depth and truncated source history

Javier Jardón (1): Add Apertis and GNOME OS

Jonathan Lebon (3):
      lib/sysroot: Add comments and debug statements around sysroot parsing
      Merge pull request #2306 from cgwalters/drop-core-rust
      lib/pull: Add some error-prefixing in dirtree scanning

Kenneth J. Miller (1):
      Add configure option for unsuffixed GRUB2 commands

Leonardo Graboski Veiga (1):
      docs: Add Torizon to related projects and OS

Luca BRUNO (4):
      configure: post-release version bump
      workflow/release: further refinements
      templates: add release-checklist
      tests/ext/destructive: enhance test logic

Phaedrus Leeds (4):
      README: Fix typos of Flatpak
      man: Add missing repo mode in config docs
      pull: Fix some whitespace and a comment
      Fix translation of file:// URIs into paths

Philip Withnall (1):
      ostree-repo-pull: Fix a leak of the summary data if loading from cache

Simon McVittie (1):
      test-pull-summary-sigs: Set timestamps to serve expected files

William Manley (1):
      ostree commit --tree=tar: Import xattrs from tarballs

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