Re: how to figure out beforehand how much disk space will be needed when applying a static-delta

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020, at 11:34 AM, Davis Roman via ostree-list wrote:

I work on embedded devices which don't have much onboard eMMC space so 
I'm trying to figure out
if there is a deterministic way to figure out how much disk space is 
needed when performing
an 'ostree static-delta apply-offline && ostree admin deploy'

`ostree static-delta show` outputs this data - supporting exactly
this use case (tell me how much compressed data would be transferred
and how much uncompressed disk space would be used) was a top-level
goal of static deltas.

(We probably should have `apply-offline --dry-run --json` or so to output a machine-readable version of this)

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