Re: How to exit 'ostree admin unlock --hotfix' and return to original state

Right, `--hotfix` by default is "sticky". It modifies the deployment itself.
If you'd rather changes go away after a reboot, you can simply omit
the `--hotfix` argument.

Otherwise, if already in `--hotfix` mode, you're right, there's no
easy way to modify the existing deployment itself. The idea is that changes
you've made are already part of the next update you receive (hence the
name of the option).

Also note that `--hotfix` by default pushes a rollback target you can
revert to if you'd like to go back to your original state. (And from there
`ostree admin undeploy`, or `rpm-ostree cleanup` if you're using Fedora,
to remove the hotfixed deployment).

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 12:12 PM, Davis Roman <davis roman84 gmail com> wrote:

After using 'ostree admin unlock --hotfix' is there a way to exit this mode?

Once I'm in this mode and the overlay is applied, I can't find a way to exit
and return to my original state without having to perform a new

Thank you,


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