Re: apt2ostree - build ostree images of apt based distributions

On Fri, Dec 7, 2018, at 2:48 PM, Will Manley wrote:
I couldn't resist, so I've started implementing a "better" system for 
building ostree images based on Debian.  It's still very early stages, 
but I wanted to get it out there to avoid duplication of effort.

See it here:

Cool!  Would love if the deb-ostree-maintainers had a chance to look at this - there's a specific comparison 

You mention that you *could* be using rofiles-fuse; was there a specific reason you didn't?
Requirement on FUSE?

It looks like a design goal of this is independence from the host, but it'd be good to note somewhere what 
environment it's being tested/developed on (are you using VMs or containers?).

I'd be happy moving this under the ostreedev/ organization if you like that idea.

Also, no harm in sending a PR to link to it in the now.

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