Release v2016.11

OSTree v2016.11 is now available via this GPG signed git tag,
and  I also did run `make dist`[1].

Just a collection of smaller fixes. One thing I want to note
is that 2016.10 regressed things to flip fsync back on by default
for users of ostree_repo_checkout_at (notably rpm-ostree). This
is now fixed. We also continue dropping unecessary calls to fsync()
in favor of our global syncfs().

This release also fixes integration with
systemd-journal-flush.service, ensuring that systems configured for
persistent journal have it saved correctly.

Colin Walters (10):
pull: Do allow executing deltas when mirroring into bare{,-user}
sysroot: Port some small cleanup code to fd-relative
sysroot: Port origin writing code to fd-relative
sysroot: Drop an fsync for origin file when writing deployments
sysroot: Drop an unnecessary fsync
boot: Ensure we remount /var writable before systemd does journal flush
checkout: Fix fsync defaults for new API to be off for real
trivial-httpd: Port mostly to fd-relative
libglnx: Update to latest
Release 2016.11

Dan Nicholson (1):
admin: Allow running status unlocked

Jonathan Lebon (3):
static-delta: add some error handling
ostree_sysroot_init_osname: also create /var/log
docs: add mention of rpm-ostree package layering

Owen W. Taylor (2):
ostree-repo.c: Fix file descriptor cleanup
ostree_sysroot.c: Don't close sysroot_fd twice.

Simon McVittie (1):
Fix spelling of "repository"


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