OSTree v2016.5

A new release of OSTree is now available as a GPG signed git tag:


(I've started using Markdown in commit and tag messages more consistently,
maybe some day there'll be a text/markdown MIME format and
your email client will render it too!)

This release is the first one where the git repository is now
canonically [on Github](https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree).  The
guide is now updated, but the TL;DR is we still support patches to the
mailing list and Bugzilla as well.

This release has a few highlights.  The first is many updates to the
tests - thanks in particular to Simon McVittie is working on
[Debian packaging](https://anonscm.debian.org/git/collab-maint/ostree.git)
and as part of that made numerous fixes to the tests.  Jonathan Lebon
also helped debug some tricky issues resulting from running the tests in
the Docker container for Project Atomic vs in a pbuilder etc.

Jonathan Lebon also added new APIs for the OSTree SELinux handling in
preparation for rpm-ostree package layering work.

Alexander Larsson contributed several new API and feature additions to
improve support for a model where a privileged system helper process
can pull and verify content that was downloaded by an unprivileged
user - i.e. "Install xdg-app system wide".

Colin Walters updated the documentation, including a new section on
[repository management](https://ostree.readthedocs.org/en/latest/manual/repository-management/).

Gatis Paeglis introduced a
[smaller GRUB2 generator](https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree/pull/228)
which should be nice for embedded systems - it allows avoiding having
the full GRUB2 binaries on the target system, which are large due to
internal static linking.

Thanks to all contributors!

Alexander Larsson (19):
      Add --untrusted option to pull and pull-local
      pull: Don't try to cache summaries for pull-local
      Fix local-pull test
      pull-local: Support --gpg-verify and --gpg-verify-summary
      Support pathnames for --subpath=...
      Export ostree_repo_get_remote_option* functions
      Inherit remotes and remote options from parent repo
      Add test case for inheriting remote options
      Add support for ostree static-delta delete
      Fix the symbol versions for ostree_repo_get_remote_*option
      fetcher: Initialize output_stream_set_lock mutex
      commit: Fix crash if dfd_iter is NULL
      Add cache_dir_fd to OstreeRepo
      Add OstreeRepo option for an out-of-band cache dir
      Add remotes-config-dir to OstreeRepo
      Look for $remotename.trustedkeys.gpg in remotes.d dir
      static-delta: Put temp files in /var/tmp
      static-delta: Initialize read_source_fd to -1

Colin Walters (15):
      Add a stub .travis.yml
      tests: Add a test-abi
      docs: Add a section on repository management
      commit: Support generating commits with no parent, or a custom one
      commit: Support writing orphans
      docs/CONTRIBUTING.md: Update for github move, Homu etc.
      tests: Make failing to kill the GPG agent non-fatal
      build: Find grub2-mkconfig a bit more automagically
      build: Make tests/libreaddir-rand.so rule use AM_V_GEN
      Use git.mk
      pull: More consistently use remote_repo_local for local repos
      build: Move grub2-15_ostree back to pkglibexecdir
      man: Elaborate on per-remote GPG
      refs: Add g_prefix_error around opendir for easier debugging
      Release 2016.5

Dan Nicholson (4):
      core: Add verbose messages for pruning
      core: Add debug messages for traversing
      build: Set G_LOG_DOMAIN to OSTree
      main: Set log handler for OSTree domain

Gatis Paeglis (2):
      Introducing ostree-grub-generator
      Fix AS_HELP_STRING for builtin grub2 mkconfig

Giuseppe Scrivano (6):
      tests: add libostreetest.h to EXTRA_DIST
      tests: add missing ${CMD_PREFIX} before ostree
      contrib: indent golang code using only tabs instead of both tabs and spaces
      Remove empty new lines at the EOF
      docs: Prefer the form "cannot" to "can not"
      cfg.mk: ignore syntax-check for git.mk

Jonathan Lebon (7):
      Merge pull request #220 from cgwalters/travis-stub
      OstreeSePolicy: add ostree_sepolicy_get_csum()
      commit: support editor for orphan commits
      test-pull-untrusted.sh: always corrupt a regular file, not a symlink
      basic-test: commit with a non-empty subject
      small cleanups
      ostree-repo-pull: always initialize flags_i

Krzesimir Nowak (1):
      manual: Fix a bunch of typos and docbookisms

Simon McVittie (16):
      packaging: fix bashism in dist-snapshot target
      test-xattrs: use TAP syntax to skip test
      various tests: skip if temp directory lacks xattr support
      Symlink libreaddir-rand.so into tests directory
      tap-test: clean up temporary test directories as intended
      In tests that use gpg, terminate the gpg-agent after testing
      .gitignore: update
      Load g-i bindings from builddir during build-time testing
      tests/admin-test.sh: this is a bash script, not a POSIX sh script
      Force libreaddir-rand to be a shared library
      Skip tests that run rofiles-fuse if /dev/fuse or /etc/mtab unavailable
      Probe for GNU parallel more accurately
      libtest.sh: use G_TEST_SRCDIR, G_TEST_BUILDDIR to find resources
      test-abi: use G_TEST_SRCDIR, G_TEST_BUILDDIR
      test-xattrs: sync how this is skipped with test-rofiles-fuse
      libtest.sh: only check whether $(pwd) is empty once


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