Merging two repositories?

Hello, let's suppose I have two different ostree repositories, repo1/
and repo2/. repo1 has a branch called version/1 and repo2 has a
version/2. Can I merge them using some tool like rsync?

Will it corrupt the repository internal structure?

In my case the trees are created without knowing the previous trees in
the repository, and my idea is "manually" merging the new repository
with the previous one. If it works, I will again manually create the
delta between the versions when required.

Based on a non-deep reading, ostree allows such approach, and I am
curently doing some experiments, but I would like to confirm there's
nothing wrong with the approach.

If it does not work, my idea is checking out the tree created in the
repo and commit it in a new one, eve though this process is very slow
for performing unneeded steps. (I am using rpm-ostree for building the

Thanks in advance.

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